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Intergenerational Care Program

Intergenerational care involves bringing the young and elderly together by introducing nurseries and nursing homes to one another. This new style of care is becoming increasingly popular in care homes across the UK and participants and researchers recognise the benefits of purposefully connecting different generations to share experiences. We have had the fantastic opportunity to introduce this program with Down Hall Residential Home in Bradwell-on-sea.


What are the Benefits?

Channel 4’s two-part documentary ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’ boosted the profile of intergenerational care, highlighting the benefits of introducing a pre-school class to a group of older people.

The mutual benefits for young and old will become obvious as the youngsters form relationships with the older generation - when it comes to difference, children see things differently and older people will enjoy a sense of purpose. Parents will also benefit from the company and seeing their children interact with other adults.

The physical and mental health benefits of intergenerational care are thought to be far reaching – from reducing loneliness and inducing laughter to reminding the elderly of their own childhoods and time spent with their children. For the participating children, these moments are thought to boost literacy, language and social skills.


Simple activities like painting, colouring, reading and dancing with the children and residents is planned into the home’s social activity calendar. We currently enjoy a weekly visit to Down Hall, where together, we have formed great bonds and everyone looks forward to their visit. At Diddydots we start the day at 9:15am with a bus ride to Bradwell village, here we are dropped off outside the home for our fun to begin. After lots of interactions, fun, giggles, lunch and more we start our walk back to Bradwell village to catch the public bus back to Diddydots, where we arrive just before 2pm. 


How we incorporate intergenerational activity at Down Hall Residential Home.

If you'd like anymore information, please get in touch

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