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The Curiosity Approach

Promoting awe and wonder in early childhood

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In February 2022 all our hard work paid off and we became a fully accredited 'The Curiosity Approach' setting! 
We are the first pack away setting in Essex to gain to accreditation!

We aim to provide a natural environment for your little ones to explore and learn from - an extension of the home. We are stepping away from loud, colourful plastic toys and print outs so that the children can develop their skills in a more calm way based on their own interests and opinions.
Head over to our gallery to look through some photos of our beautiful setting! just click the camera button over there 


Loose Parts

Loose parts are objects that can be used in a lot of different ways in a child's play. they can represent something completely different to what it actually is, they can be used to line up, build up and are always accessible to the children. They are great for imagination and creativity that provide endless opportunities for all sorts of skill learning. 

We are always collecting them, (bottle tops, pine cones, pegs, washers, shells etc) so if you have any lying around feel free to bring them in for us!


Check out the Curiosity Approach official website for loads more information and to learn how it all started!


Download their parent/carer magazine and have a read with a cuppa. It's really interesting!

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